Ordering a Starter Kit on Essential Rewards

young living premium starter kitYou can now order your Premium Starter Kit as your first Essential Rewards (ER) order!!

This is fantastic news because it means that with your first order you are going to automatically get a FREE OIL and $10 in ER points to redeem in the future!


Step 1: Click Here and click continue, then choose Your Premium Starter Kit (PSK), (desert mist diffuser is my favorite option).  Click the box reading, “Use the selected Premium Starter Kit as my first Essential Rewards order and sign me up for an Essential Rewards subscription.” (In the future you will change the products ordered via Essential Rewards, or cancel it at any time – no risk!)

Step 2: This step is very important if you would like to add additional products at this time. DO NOT SELECT another ER kit as this will cause the PSK purchase to not count toward your ER enrollment. If you would like to add to your initial PSK order, you may do so by clicking on “Customize Your Kit” in Step 2 and selecting additional items to add to your ER cart. It’s important to add additional items in this manner so that the items added will end up in the ER cart and not the “Quick Order” cart. If you click on the button at the bottom to “Add More Products” those items will NOT be added to the ER cart and you want everything in the ER cart 🙂

Step 3: Complete order entering shipping and billing info and click Activate and Checkout.  Voila!  That’s it.  Welcome to the amazing world of essential oils.


  • 2-pack Ningxia Red – ALL the immune support for the whole family.  My 4-year old takes 1-2oz in Ningxia every day and never missed a day of preschool last year!
  • Thieves Household Cleaner – one cleaner to clean them all!  Cleans everything from glass to granite to wood.  Totally plant based concentrate that lasts FOREVER
  • Valor essential oil – emotionally balancing, instills courage, calming
  • Cedarwood essential oil – pairs perfectly with lavender for the ultimate sleep combo in the diffuser