Everyday Oil Uses

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Lavender – The Swiss Army Knife of essential oils, very versatile!  Lavender oil is terrific for the skin, has been clinically evaluated for its relaxing effects and the scent is calming and balancing.

  • Rub on feet to promote calm and relax the body
  • One drop of Lavender oil to reduce sting and itch of insect bites and bee stings
  • Lavender oil dropped on a cut will help stop the bleeding
  • Rub on palms and inhale deeply to help relieve hay fever symptoms
  • Diffuse Lavender oil to create an atmosphere of calm, can also help support the respiratory system
  • Mix Lavender oil with coconut oil and beeswax to create natural baby balm, good for moisturizer and diaper rash

Peppermint – Well known for soothing digestive issues, also studied for ability to improve concentration and mental accuracy.

  • One drop of Peppermint oil in your herbal tea can help improve digestion
  • Rub over forehead and temples to alleviate head tension
  • Rub one drop of Peppermint oil over your stomach to soothe tummy upset
  • Inhale Peppermint oil during, or before, your workout to energize and boost your mood
  • Stop bad breath with a drop of Peppermint oil on the tongue
  • Support upper respiratory system with a drop of Peppermint oil on the tongue and inhale into nose
  • Add a drop of Peppermint oil to your hot cocoa for a minty hot chocolate treat
  • Diffuse peppermint and lavender together to boost mood and dispel brain fog

Lemon – High in d-limonene and detoxifying

  • Add a drop of lemon oil to your water for a refreshing treat (Grapefruit oil is also wonderful in water)
  • Use a couple drops of Lemon oil to remove sticky residues, gum, or oil without the use of harsh chemicals
  • Rub a drop of Lemon oil on feet to support healthy nails and skin
  • Add a few drops of Lemon oil to a half cup of olive oil to make your own furniture polish
  • Diffuse Lemon oil to create an uplifting and energized atmosphere

Frankincense – known for its comforting properties it also promotes healthy cell regeneration and keeps existing cells and tissues healthy.

  • Add a drop to wounds or use during your daily facial cleansing to prevent scarring. It may also be beneficial in reducing the appearance of scars when used daily
  • Strengthen fingernails by applying a drop of Frankincense oil to brittle nails
  • Diffuse or rub between palms and inhale to help ease depression and elevate mood
  • Remove warts by applying Frankincense oil directly to the wart daily

 PanAway – A blend of wintergreen, clove, peppermint and Helichrysum

  • Apply topically to ease sore muscles
  • Apply a couple drops of PanAway at the base of the spine to ease lower back pain
  • Rub a drop of PanAway on forehead, temples and back of neck to relieve a head tension

Thieves – A blend of clove, lemon, rosemary, cinnamon and eucalyptus.  The name Thieves is used for this blend because this combination of oils was originally used during the Bubonic Plague by thieves for protection while robbing the dead and dying.  This blend is known to support healthy immune system function.

  • Dilute Thieves with a carrier oil (I like sweet almond oil) and rub into bottom of feet during cold and flu season to boost immunity
  • Avoid chemicals by using Thieves to make your own household cleaners, add 2-6 drops of Thieves to a glass spray bottle with water and use it to clean household surfaces
  • Diffuse Thieves to help clear mold from the air and keep the germ count down – diffuse while kids are coming home from school every day!
  • Put a drop on the tip of your tongue to help with smoking cessation.

Purification – An antiseptic blend of Citronella, lemongrass, rosemary, melaleuca, lavandin, and myrtle designed to purify and cleanse the air.  Purification will help neutralize mildew and odors.

  • Diffuse Purification to neutralize odors in the home
  • Put several drops of Purification on a cotton ball and drop in trash cans or diaper pails to eliminate odors
  • Put a couple drops of Purification on a cotton ball and stick into the toes of smelly shoes
  • A couple drops of Purification on a washcloth in your dryer will freshen up the laundry
  • Apply Purification on a blemish to help clear the skin

R.C. – a blend combining three unique varieties of eucalyptus with other aromatics.  R.C. provides support for the respiratory system.

  • Apply to the chest and throat to soothe
  • Diffuse to support respiratory system
  • Add a couple drops to the edge of your shower before turning on the hot water to a steamy spa experience
  • Combine with coconut oil for a soothing chest rub

Copaiba – Historically used for its overall soothing and wellness properties, can also enhance properties of other oils.

  • Apply to gums to soothe teething pains
  • Make an extra soothing post-workout roll on by combining a few drops of Copaiba and Panaway with a carrier oil
  • Diffuse to create a calm and positive atmosphere

DiGize – A blend of essential oils that supports healthy digestions and eases stomach discomfort

  • Drop directly on tongue after meal to support healthy digestion
  • Add a couple drops to an empty veggie cap and take to soothe stomach discomfort

Stress Away – A blend of copaiba, lavender, cedarwood, ocotea, lime, and vanilla, Stress Away can help induce relaxation and reduce occasional nervous tension.

  • Apply to wrists and back of neck to calm and soothe during stressful situations
  • Diffuse in the evening for a restful sleep
  • Apply to sore muscles to ease tension
  • Dab behind ears and on wrists to wear daily as a perfume

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