Save Money With This DIY Facial Moisturizing Serum

IMG_9003Rather than pay a fortune for skin care products laced with toxic ingredients, make your own all-natural facial moisturizer for a fraction of the cost!

I love lotions, creams, serums – basically anything to moisturize my skin and make it feel young.  Being of an age that I now consider myself to have ‘mature’ skin, I have spent my fair share of money on expensive face creams.

After making and using this simple 4-ingredient facial serum, I will never go back to the pricey, conventional stuff.  The department store options cost an arm and a leg, PLUS they have toxic chemicals in them that wreak havoc on our body systems.

The key to an awesome DIY facial moisturizing serum is using a hydrating carrier oil that absorbs quickly and leaves the skin feeling nourished.  I’ve found that pure Argan oil is the key for me.  It is light, absorbs quickly, and works well for all skin types.  In addition to a good carrier oil, I add Young Living essential oils that support and nourish the skin:

Lavender – excellent for soothing the skin 

Frankincense – amazing for aging, ‘mature’ skin, visibly tightens the skin

Geranium – supports healthy blood circulation below the surface of the skin 


  • 2 ounces Organic Argan Oil
  • 10 drops Lavender oil*
  • 15 drops Frankincense oil*
  • 5 drops Geranium oil*

* I buy 100% pure, therapeutic grade essential oils HERE


Add the essential oils directly to the bottle of Argan oil.  Use as needed after washing your face.  I typically use 8-10 drops in the cold and dry Chicago winter months.  In the summer, I only need about 4-6 drops.

DIY Facial Moisturizing Serum Cost Breakdown:

  • A 15 ml bottle of Lavender oil is $23.50 (wholesale cost) or about $.08 per drop
  • A 15 ml bottle of Frankincense is $71.75 (wholesale cost) or about $.26 per drop
  • A 15 ml bottle of Geranium is $41.25 (wholesale cost) or about $.15 per drop
  • A 2 ounce bottle of pure organic Argan Oil is $24.95
  • Total cost of serum = $30.40

Now, you may think that $30.40 does not sound all that inexpensive, but when you consider that there are about 1100 drops in a 2 ounce bottle – the overall cost breaks down to less than $.03 per drop – or about $.22 per use.  One bottle lasts me up to 4 months, so my total facial moisturizing costs for the year are less than $100 – this is a SIGNIFICANT improvement over the costs of the fancy and chemical laden face creams I have used in the past.

Get Started with Essential Oils HERE

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